What to carry with you

Necessary things to be carried  with you
Relocating to a new place is stressful for most people and requires a period of adaptation. The stress is significantly much higher when you move to a country with a totally different culture, language and climatic conditions.
In this section we have put together few useful tips to make the process of your relocation less stressful. Below are few of the items that we recommend you carry with you or buy immediately on your arrival in Russia: 
 - Warm clothes, including: winter coat, sweater, thermal wear, winter boots, hat, scarf and gloves.  If youcome to Russia in October or November, it is preferable if you bring these items of winter clothing along with yourself. In the severe cold most girls wear tights or stockings under trousers.  It is also advisable to stock up on warm socks.  Winter clothing is much cheaper in Russia than in most other countries and the choice of goods is much wider.  
 - Laptop or Netbook as a modern educational process involves regular usage of computers.  It is muchmore convenient for the students to have portable devices than bulky desktop computers. 
 - USB Flash card, as soft copies of study materials have to be saved and printed in Internet cafes, or brought to the university for presentation and to be emailed to the teachers etc. 

- Personal care products.  In the first few months of your arrival in Russia, your body will take some time in getting acclimatized to the new conditions. This could temporary problems with skin, hair, nails etc. It is recommended that you carry moisturizers, lip-care sticks, face-masks and oils to take care of your body during the adaptation period.
- Hair dryer, as a wet head in the cold climate can result in colds.
-Camera.  To save images and memories of your life in Russia especially while visiting historical places, museums and exhibitions. 
-Over the counter Drugs and Medication. To treat yourself in cases of mild illnesses it is advisable to carry tablets, nasal drops etc to treat common cold or sore throat.
-A set of dishes for one person: a plate, glass, mug, pan, spoon, fork, knife etc. In 

your room you might have cookware left by the previous occupants but it is always to ensure that you have your own cookware. Sooner or later, you will be visiting each other’s rooms and you will need additional items.
-Warm blanket.  Hostels usually provide students with blankets, pillows and bed linen. However, in the severe cold you might feel the need for an additional blanket. This need not be carried with you but can be bought on your arrival as per your requirement.
-A basin for washing clothes.  All the hostels are equipped with laundry with washing machines. Still if you have any little washing to do for which you do not need a washing machine, a small basin will be handy. It could also be used to take your clothes to the laundry and getting them back after washing. 
-Stationary Supplies.  You will need these during the course of your education and can be bought at any neighborhood store. 
- SIM Card for your phone. On your arrival in Russia, you need to get a SIM card for your phone. In Russia, there are 3 major service providers – MTS, Megafon and Beeline. Each of these providers has several tariff plans and you can choose the provider that best meets your requirements.

-Something that would remind you of home.  The sudden relocation and separation from your loved ones might lead to temporary depression in some people. In such situations any small thing that could remind you like photographs with your family, a gift or souvenir from your friends etc can offer comfort and help you tide over the depression.
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