Faculty of Agriculture in RUDN University

‘What starts here - can change the world’ is the slogan of the Agricultural Faculty in the RUDN University
In addition to bachelors and masters courses, the faculty is actively developing new programs for higher education.
The Centre for Additional Professional Education within the Agricultural Faculty provides training in over 70 programs on a wide range of topics related to innovative technologies, modern methods and current issues for managers and specialists of agricultural production.
The education at the centre for Additional Professional Education involves a combination of lectures, workshops and visits to leading organizations, distance learning, and electronic text books. 
Below is the list of courses offered in the field of agricultural sciences:

In the field of agriculture: 
1. Modern Techniques and Methods of crop insurance 
2. Maintenance of contracts for crop insurance 
3. Analytical systems in modern agriculture 
4. Maintenance and improvement of the fertility of agricultural land 
5. Application of innovative techniques in modern agriculture 
6. Application of modern technology for improvement of soil fertility in man-made landscapes, tropical and subtropical zones 
7. Diagnosis and optimization of physical and chemical properties in different farming systems and climatic zones 
8. Modern methods of crop protection from natural disasters
9. Land evaluation and automated grading systems. 
In the field of plant protection and crop production: 
1. International experience in the application of plant protection products * 
2. International experience in the production of seed*
3. Modern Methods of application of new generation pesticides. 
4. Innovative Methods of integrated plant protection 
5. Methods to pre-empt and eradicate epizootic 
6. Modern Pest Control 
7. Analytical methods for monitoring the content of toxicants in the environment 
8. Quarantine of Plants 
9. Safety of genetically modified organisms (examination of food products on bio-safety)
10. Technology for the cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs
In the field of law: 
1. Role of supervisory authorities in the sphere of state control of usage and protection of land 
2. Administrative Procedures to deal with violations.
In the veterinary field: 
1. Management of veterinary processes
2. Clinical cardiology of small pets 
3. Obstetrics and artificial insemination of animals 
4. Cardiology pets 
5. Veterinary radiology 
6. Animal surgery 
In the field of landscape design and ornamental horticulture: 
1. Modern landscaping 
2. Landscaping Design 
3. Modern Technology in Floriculture and Landscaping 
4. Landscaping and Plantations in urban areas 
5. Decorative gardening 
6. Decorative floriculture 
7. Painting for landscaping design
8. Cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs
9. Achievements in agricultural landscapes and Organization of sustainable agro-ecosystems 
In the field of economics, management and evaluation of the property: 
1. International agribusiness* 
2. Modern approach to agribusiness 
3. Management of agricultural production 
4. Consultancy in optimizing the management of modern agricultural production 
5. Analysis of financial and economic risks in agribusiness projects
6. Sustainable development of rural society 
7. Consultancy in project management 
8. Consultancy for optimization of management decisions 
9. Methods to improve efficiency of land usage in the cadastral valuation of land 
10. Evaluation of land and other immovable property for tax purposes 
11. Evaluation intangible assets and intellectual property 
12. Evaluation of the property 
13.  Disposal of land and their usage: Legal Regulations and practice 
14. Human Resources 
*Overseas Training 
In the field of Zoo Management: 
1. Domestic Ostrich breeding 
2. Modern Freshwater aquaculture 
3. Domestic Rabbit Breeding 
4. Domestic Beekeeping 
5. Kinologiya 
6. Rearing of Racehorses 
In the field of ecology and environmental protection: 
1. Assessment of environmental impact assessment and design in different ecosystems 
2. Environmental regulation 
In the field of educational activity: 
1. Distance learning for the rural population 
2. Management of educational process in the framework of a single European Higher Agricultural Education 
3. Organization of a two-level educational system (Bachelors and Masters) 
In the field of standardization and certification of agricultural products: 
1. Chemical characteristics of meat products for assessment of quality and certification 
2. Standardization in the food industry for improving the quality of food products 
3. Modern methods of genetic control of breeding processes in livestock 
State Supervision and control of production of animal products
5. Controlled trial production 
In the field of foreign languages: 
1. Professional Communication in the field of agriculture 
2. Translation of foreign languages for the Bologna Process 
In the area of safety of life: 
1. Fire Safety
2. Life Safety
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