About SibSAU

Siberian State Aerospace University is the leading Russian university for Aerospace Technology.  The University was established in connection with the setting up of a large space center in the Krasnoyarsk region for national defence and space research purposes. In 2012, SibSAU has completed 50 years of its existence. 
Currently the University offers higher education in 17 stream and 36 specialties in rocket and space technology, Civil Aviation, Information Technology and Computer Sciences, Economics and Business, Advertising and Public Relations as well as post-graduation in 14 different streams. The University offers full-time as well as correspondence courses in all these streams.
 Why SibSAU? 
1.High quality of education. At present SibSAU is an institution that provides high quality of education to the students combined with practical orientation in modern well-equipped laboratories and research centers. The University has around 800 teaching staff of which over 150 are Doctors of Science, Professors and around 400 Associate Professors.
2.Perspective. Our world is in a period of global technological development.  Space exploration was the impetus for the scientific and technical progress.  The current situation demands expertise in high-tech manufacturing and innovations.  SibSAU keeps pace with the times and teaches only those professions that are in great demand by employers and the state worldwide. The training system is designed in such a way that on graduating from the University you can take up a job or continue for your post-graduation.
3.Opportunities for self-realization. At SibSAU every student is provided with the opportunity to develop their talents and interests. There is a Cultural Society, Facilities for Water Sports, Gymnasium and recreation. There is a studio for ballroom dancing ‘Antares’, the students choreographic ensemble ‘Ad Astra’ and ‘BandG’, vocal-instrumental ensemble ‘Creole’ and vocal studio ‘New Era’.  The Water Sports facilities include swimming, shaping and water aerobics.  The University has a Students union to take care of the welfare of the students. The University also ensures the safety and best nutrition of the students.
4. SibSAU also has an Aerospace College and branches in Zheleznogorsk and Zelenogorsk
SibSAU’s Mission – The development of an individual’s personality intellectually, morally and culturally by providing high-quality, modern and affordable higher education. This also meets with the needs of the society and the state by providing highly trained, qualified professionals and academics competent in aerospace and high-end technology.
Siberian State Aerospace University named after Mikhail F Reshetnev - The University is an institution with a long history and tradition of providing high quality education and is also a center for scientific, sporting and creative center. The University regularly develops innovative programs in the field of higher education and research. SubSAU implements a time-tested system of integrated training of students maintaining a harmonious balance of theoretical and practical education. As a result the University is ranked amongst the best higher education institutions in the country.
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